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Rock mineral wool
ECOSE rock wool boards of low density. Intended for soundproofing, fire protection and thermal insulation of attics, internal walls, suspended ceilings, floors and etc., where insulation is not burdened with heavy loads (cavity filling). Lining is available for plates of 140mm thickness and more (in quantities suitable for production).

Interesting facts

  • Delivery is available for full pallets only

  • Eco friendly production technology

  • Gold medal for interior air quality

  • Excellent soundproofing, fire protection and insulation properties

Technical characteristics

Thermal conductivity

0,038 W/mK

Diffusion resistance factor of water vapor resistance


EN 13 162




Euroclass A1



Packaging and thermal resistance

PRODUCTThermal conductivitym2/pack
NATURBOARD FIT/5 1,28 m2K/W 7,20
NATURBOARD FIT/7 1,79 m2K/W 4,80
NATURBOARD FIT/8 2,05 m2K/W 4,80
NATURBOARD FIT/12 3,08 m2K/W 3,00
NATURBOARD FIT/15 3,85 m2K/W 2,40
NATURBOARD FIT/18 4,62 m2K/W 1,80
NATURBOARD FIT/20 5,13 m2K/W 1,80
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