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Since the first manufactured block of EPS (1 September 1997) until now the company EPS LAŠTRO paid particular attention to the quality control of its products.

Given the fact that we want to be in step with European standards we have an internal laboratory control products for thermal protection.

It is about the application of the European standard EN-13163 with a number of supporting standards and regulations. EN 13163 brings a whole new set of regulations for the classification and control products for thermal protection.

Based on this standard, expanded polystyrene is classified on the basis of the pressure load at 10% deformation and correspondingly bending strength.

For the full implementation of this standard, it is necessary that a manufacturer has an internal laboratory to successively could not control their own products, which requires multiple devices.

Our laboratory is equipped with:

  • Lambdametar (device for checking thermal conductivity)
  • Device for checking the mechanical characteristics such as compressive strength at 10% deformation, bending strength, tensile strength.
  • A device for checking the dynamic stiffness.
  • A device for checking the flammability.



Testing EPS LASTRO products

All of our products are taken directly from the production are tested in the Civil Engineering Institute in Tuzla. The tests were performed according to standard EN 13163 and all products conform to this standard and the declared values.
Products intended for export are additionally tested in ZAG Ljubljana and the IGH Zagreb.

Tests and tested samples comply with the requirements of regulations and standards:

  • Standardization Law, Official Gazette of BiH, number 13/93 and 13/94
  • Certification institutions: Institute for Standards, Metrology and Intellectual Property

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